Rent a Smiirl like counter

Sodiake is the first supplier to offer the Smiirl Like Counter for rental and will deliver it in 48 hours. The Counter will be ready set up and ready to be connected to the Wifi or Ethernet network!

Are you reluctant to buy the counter? You only need it for a one-off event? Then rent the Facebook Like Counter!

No access to Internet? Not a problem! We will offer a Wifi hotspot for rental, operating under Mobile network coverage in partnership with French telecom operator Orange. Contact us before confirming your order.

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IMPORTANT : for this product, you must pay a deposit of €300 that will be returned to you at the end of the contract.


An elegant unit connected directly via Wifi (or Ethernet cable) to your Facebook account, showing the Like counts on your Page, is set up strategically for your event.

It is very easy to set up and works wonders!

Nowadays, the best channel for businesses and organisations to promote their activity is the social media. They are currently thriving and enable companies and brands to expand their on-line coverage in just a few clicks. They also have a double-edged effect in that they are used for mass advertising campaigns that target people who will potentially like the type of product you advertise, and on the other hand, they are an open guest book where all clients can leave a review, sometimes even rate the service or product in question.


The Facebook Like Counter shows you the number of likes on the Facebook page of your business in real time. Are you proficient in social media, have you built a fanbase that is loyal to your products and services? The Smiirl Counter acts a Facebook like counter, showing the result of your hard work to the world! You can set up the Smiirl counter anywhere, on a counter, in a showroom, an office or a shop window. It will catch the eye of passersby and make them want to stop and take a closer look at your products and services. It will also boost your employees, giving them an incentive to work harder as they watch the digits spin on the Facebook like counter. You will have a new channel to interact with your customers and will therefore be prompted to generate engagement on your Facebook page and build the loyalty of your customers, who increasingly rely on online reviews and Like counts on Facebook for their purchase decisions. The ultimate goal is to make your customers loyal, or at least attract them and drive engagement on your Facebook page.


The Smiirl counter requires very little equipment. All you need is a mains power outlet so that it can be switched on permanently while in use, to interface it with your web page. First of all, you must plug in your Smiirl counter and switch it on. Then, all you need to do is connect it to your Internet network, following the instructions. Sodiake will connect and configure your counter with your Facebook Page.


The Facebook like counter is now used worldwide. The Facebook like counter is primarily used in Europe, the USA and in Japan, three key areas. Company managers and Community Managers use this tool aimed to generate engagement on your Facebook page, contents that apply to you and help you to improve customer satisfaction on a daily basis. Furthermore, because it is a work tool, the Facebook like counter can be set up anywhere, better than an accessory. Its modern and elegant design even make it a decorative item.


As stated previously, the Facebook like counter has gained worldwide coverage and will be shipped to you in about a week. This tool is essential for your business, to generate engagement on your Facebook page and enhance your reach. And there's more! The Facebook like counter is backed up by warranty covering technical issues and incidents, and has a customer service that will address all your issues regarding the product.