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Find out about the first connected marketing object

Designed for local and national businesses to materialise their digital identity. Our Facebook Like Counters directly connect the physical sales outlets with Facebook, giving them direct access to customer feedback.

Real-time interactive display

Our Smiirl counters are connected and interface in real time. Each Like counter is independent and requires only a mains outlet and access to the Internet (Wifi or Ethernet).

Retain customers !

Whether you are running a shop, a business or a public service facility, our Facebook counter materialises your presence on the social network, giving you instant visibility.

2 years warranty
Support included
Secure payment
Delivery 24-48h

Drive engagement !

Encourage your customers to follow you on Facebook with the fashionable interactive counter that features real-time updates.

Set it up in strategic places

You can easily set up the counter anywhere you choose. On your counter, in your window display, showroom and waiting room, etc. Every opportunity for engaging interaction with your customers counts!